The Orchidea Cut-A Design Reflecting Ageless Beauty And Timeless Love

orchidea cutWhen one looks at this all season bloom that defies all norms of nature, rising its glorious head above debris and scattered decaying leaves to give you the gift of its beauty, you are nothing but left completely spell bound by its magnificence and its astounding tenacity. An orchid for many reasons is perhaps that flower, which assimilates the qualities of timelessness, purity, vivacity and beauty. It’s the ageless beauty of this bloom that has inspired the equally astounding cut of stones set in jewelry called the Orchidea Cut. Some leave the beauty of the orchid simply unexplained despite the manner in which it has captivated and enamored many over the ages. But jewelry designers with their craft have perfected the shape of this glorious flower in what is definitely one of the most brilliant designs ever to be created by these artists.


The Distinct Orchidea Cut

Replicating the gorgeousness of a flower as alive as the orchid is like making a lifeless stone come to life. What the cut achieves is simply this.The diamond is mainly in the four petals that makes up the whorl, each with a rising pointed head, gently tapering .The fire within each petal then is worked on by giving each stone 61 facets.The brilliance of the cut converging at where the petals come together at the center, makes the cluster simply come alive with its unique fire.


The Orchidea Cut also combines the science of diamond cutting with the aesthetics of perfect designing as this style has been used to create a range of diamond jewelry including drop earrings, rings, bracelets , pendants and brooches.The significance of this is the fact that most wedding seasons are the time that the Orchidea becomes the most sought after design. Here are some reasons that make it such desirable possession.


The Unique Cut- While jewelry stores across the globe may have created some really beautiful pieces , if one were to go purely by the cut and the design, you cannot find a more dramatically different piece of jewelry than the Orchidea Cut.


The Drama of Colors- The cut being as special as it is, would not be the only reason to choose this design.The usage of gorgeous yellow pave set yellow diamonds or pink diamonds, holistically converges to create the drama of color in the eclectic of ways.


The homogenizing factor-If there were a design that could look as nice on the ears as on the finger or as brooch, it would have to be the Orchidea Cut as it significantly is a design that could easily be worked to suit any kind of jewelry.

The symbolism of the Orchidea Cut- In times of frivolous emotions and tenuous relations, the Orchidea somewhat brings in the agelessness of beauty and love with it. This has made this diamond cut much in demand by brides.


Now let’s get to the more technical area of choosing this cut. Well, any jewelry designer could tell you that diamonds are simply stones that have a certain cut, weight and brilliance and it is up to the master craftsman to bring out the fire within. Some designs are proven to have brought out the most brilliant of finishes and the Orchidea Cut is one such. When potential brides start hovering near the jewelry stores looking for that unique piece which defines their unfathomable emotions they promptly choose the Orchidea Cut jewelry. The reasons have been the perfect symmetry of the setting, the brilliance of the stones when given the 61 cut and of course the underlying symbolism of the orchid as the undying flower reflecting passion and timeless beauty.


Above The Generic Cut


When one looks at the Ochidea Cut you immediately know that it has taken some extremely extreme hours of innovative designing to have made this one of kind design, for despite many shapes in the jewelry market , most have turned out to be somewhat generic, few wanting to experiment with concepts and ideas that are scintilla tingly new and at the same time risky. The sharp edging to each petal be it in the drop earrings to the multitudes of little orchids in the bracelet, the dignified brooch or the gorgeous ring; each has the master craftsmanship stamped on it because of its awe inspiring design.

With the interest in people to know more about the Far East and the world of exotic tropical blooms, has significantly affected the more western floral designs having rosettes or lilies making the Orchidea Cut is in itself innovative and dramatically different from many generic designs.

It has taken some amount of skilled labor and expertise to have brought the Orchidea to its place of glory for this cut demands the acutest sense of picking not only symmetrically set stones, but creating 61-77 facets on each, perfectly blending in at the center of the whorl. It is in this center that you see the mesmerizing ‘fire’ of life. Seldom has there been a design that captures the beauty of nature and the expertise of perfect diamond cutting innovations to create this blend.


While this exotic bloom may have inspired the makers of this magnificent range of jewelry , what could inspire any buyer to choose the Orchidea Cut diamond jewelry would be its range of design.From tear drop shaped drop earrings that have pave set diamonds all around the central whorl to the brooch that resembles the stem of the orchid plant with dainty leaves made up of clustered diamonds, the rings with pink and yellow diamond setting and then drop earrings in varying lengths -all of these have been the cynosure of jewelry lovers across the world.When one chooses to own an Orchidea Cut diamond jewelry you are simply not buying yourself another piece of indulgence, for this is one style that will make you admire your choice more than the numbers of heads you will be turning.Whether you look at the sharp corners of the perfect petals created for each of the pieces which can be created only with the greatest of expertise and special tools, or the setting for each of the orchids in perfect harmony with the main design, you will realize that you possess a piece of legend. The Orchidea Cut is the design that has made a piece of jewelry look more like a masterpiece of love and supreme craftsmanship.