A look into what the emerald diamond and emerald cut is all about


 emerald cut

Emerald cut diamonds just might be one of the most pleasant and beautiful diamond shapes that you come across when shopping for diamonds. If truth be told, the emerald happens to be amongst the most popular diamond shapes, which when paired with the unique features of emerald cuts takes the appearance of a diamond up a whole notch.

emerald cut

emerald cut

So what exactly are emerald diamonds?

Emerald diamonds got their name from the cut that was initially meant to be used for emeralds. This particular cut was used over emeralds as a means to hide their natural inclusions, or the flaws present on the interior of the stone that are visible to the naked eye. These inclusions are such that they can make emeralds substantially more susceptible to breakage, for which reason it was necessary for emeralds to be cut in such a manner that their most ‘vulnerable’ spots or points remain hidden.

The emerald cut is basically a part of the ‘step cut’ family of diamond cuts. The features common amidst them are inclusive of long, rectangular facets and square or rectangular facets. For the record, the emerald cut is rectangular by default, however, the exact length to width ratio typically tends to vary from 1.25 to 1.75.

Now, the corners of an emerald cut diamond are typically cropped so that any structural weakness that comes with having sharp corners can easily be eliminated. Also, emerald cuts also comes with fairly long facets, which is the reason why its focal point is that of the diamond’s clarity, instead of its sparkle or brilliance.

Although the emerald cut comes with its specialized features, these are adequately suited to several different settings. These are particularly a good fit for non-round cuts, and there’s a good chance that you will not have too much trouble finding a decent variety of emerald cut diamond rings.


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