The Essence and Beauty of Diamond Jewelry

diamond jewelry


Diamonds are made to be enjoyed, worn and admired. That fact alone makes the jewelry that provides the setting for a diamond very important; however, the jewelry itself contributes to the appeal of the diamond. Similar to a crystal vase that holds a rose, a fine jewelry setting enhances the beauty of the diamond.

Jewelry adds the dimensions of sensation of touch and visual composition to the sparkle, fire and brilliance of the diamond. In addition, the setting can become a part of the meaning of the diamond. Given as gifts, diamonds that are set in rings convey a very different meaning than other pieces of diamond jewelry.

The overall style of the setting has significance as well. The design of diamond jewelry can be provocative and bold, sophisticated and elegant or classic and simple. Inspiration for the designs could come from a variety of sources and diamond jewelry can be customized to be a reflection of the personalities and identities of the individual for whom the jewelry is being designed.

Beyond symbolism and aesthetics, diamond jewelry is the embodiment of value. It combines skilled labor and artistic talent with precious metal and rare gems. In addition to how the cost of the diamond is affected by its 4Cs or its cut, clarity, color and carat, the materials used, the workmanship and artistry that make up pieces of fine jewelry will determine both its cost and its quality.

When diamond jewelry is presented, proper attention is demanded by each factor. The quality of the diamond will be explained by the seller and individuals also receive a description of its appeal, its meaning is identified, the design will be interpreted and the quality explained. This knowledge will help potential buyers to find the ideal setting for the beauty of the diamond and they will be able to come u with a perfect way of expressing their messages.

There are a number of special occasions that are commemorated by diamond jewelry. These include:


An engagement is a signal that indicates the decision of two people to spend their lives with each other. Every year in the United States, approximately 2.5 million couples get engaged and 80 percent of these individuals commemorate their engagement with a diamond ring. This puts engagement in the most significant diamond moment for both jewelry professionals and consumers.

A number of couples choose their rings together and while the man may primarily focus on the 4Cs of the diamond, a lot of women will focus on the style and overall look of the jewelry. The romance and the symbolism of the diamond will play a significant role in the purchase decision when couples look for engagement rings together.

A popular ring choice these days is the diamond solitaire. Essentially, this is band made out of precious metal with a setting for a single sparkling diamond. However, there are other designs that feature a variety of arrangements of side diamonds, which are basically smaller accent diamonds that adds drama to the larger gem in the center. A solitaire is expression of a love that will last a lifetime and the center diamond is a representation of the importance of the union in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life.


Weddings symbolize the joining together of two lives and during the ceremony, the exchange of rings plays an essential role. This is one of the moments when a woman most frequently expresses her feelings with diamond jewelry. A number of men give diamonds at this time as well, which is typically in the form of a wedding band that matches or complements the engagement ring. A wide variety of wedding ring designs is available. Some couples have a preference for the bride and groom to wear different styles, while some opt for matching rings. The circular form of the ring symbolizes everlasting love and the strength, purity and beauty of the diamond are reflections of some of the qualities that are associated with eternal love.


This period in which the couple mark the milepost of their union and celebrate their shared lives is an ideal occasion for diamond jewelry. The husbands generally buys wedding anniversary jewelry without the help of his spouse and an aptly chosen diamond ring will convey the message that he would marry his wife all over again.

For quite a few decades, the diamond anniversary band, which is basically a band that has a setting of diamonds going across, has been a favorite of a lot of people. The eternity ring is one of the versions of this style. The ring is actually a complete circle of diamonds and the style and size of the diamonds vary. In recent years, the significance of the anniversary diamond has been lifted to an entirely new level thanks to the 3-Diamond Anniversary Ring. Its distinct style comes by way of three fine diamonds which are symbols of the present, past and future of the union.

Even though rings are undoubtedly the most popular among diamond anniversary jewelry, the diamonds can convey the relevant message in other forms as well. The diamond solitaire necklace is a good example of this. The necklace features a single diamond sparkling in isolated grandeur. There is also the diamond anniversary necklace that is essentially a collar-length chain to which a row of diamonds is attached. The “present, past and future” theme is expressed in the 3-diamond pendant as well.

Journey Diamond Jewelry is another great choice for an anniversary and it is available as earrings and pendants. Diamonds of graduated sizes are featured on these pieces of jewelry and that symbolizes how the love grows and becomes more encompassing over time.

There are other meaningful occasions when diamonds are given and received that have nothing to do with courtship or marriage. They include events such as births, job promotions and birthdays.

Nowadays, diamond jewelry provides a selection of beauty that is constantly expanding and changing. Both men and women get immense pleasure from wearing diamond jewelry; however, diamonds are and forever will be, a girl’s best friend.


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